split images of underwater mermaids

110 professional mermaid performers broke the Guinness World Records title for the largest underwater mermaid show at Atlantis Sanya - an ocean-themed resort in Sanya, Hainan, China - on 28 April 2021.

This official attempt took months to prepare for.

Atlantis Sanya and PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) launched a nationwide recruitment campaign and eventually 110 mermaid performers were recruited, 90% per cent of whom reached the instructor level.

The site of the record attempt, named Ambassador Lagoon, is the most unique area in Atlantis Sanya. The colossal tank has a transparent acrylic curtain wall that is 16.5 meters long, 8.3 meters high and 0.65 meters thick, and the tank has 13,500 tonnes of water storage.

all mermaids are getting into the water

All of the mermaid performers had to overcome difficulties communicating in the 11m deep environment and the fast water flow current.

After Atlantis Sanya and PADI conducted a number of programme drills and intense underwater training and rehearsals, they were ready for the show to go ahead.

Finally, at 9:30 am on 28 April 2021, the mermaid show was performed.

The show contained swimming with a combination of crossing, double hand holding, torch rising, 360° rotation, side swimming and other difficult movements.

mermaids holding hands in a circle

The show not only received the audience's applause, but also an official Guinness World Records title and certificate.

Atlantis Sanya has been working closely with the local government to promote the development of the local tourism market.

"Atlantis Sanya is committed to satisfying the curiosity of every guest and providing them with a dream journey beyond expectations. The largest mermaid show is also our latest attempt to showcase our unique and visionary marine culture." - Heiko Schreiner, Managing Director of Atlantis Sanya

mermaids swimming together