split image of the heaviest turnip

Cabinetmaker Damien Allard (CAN) from Carleton-sur-Mer, Quebec, is now the master of monster vegetables.   

After spending the past year working away in his garden, he is officially the proud owner of three colossal, record-breaking turnips - all of which have broken the record for the world’s heaviest turnip.  

The first turnip weighed 22.9 kg (50 lb 7.7 oz), the next 24.4 kg (53 lb 12.7 oz) and the third turnip weighed an astonishing 29.00 kg (63 lb 14 oz)! 

three heaviest turnips on table

All three broke the previous record-holder's total of 17.7 kg (39 lb 3.2 oz). 

But how did Damien become inspired to grow such large vegetables?  

Back in 2016, he managed to grow a sizeable 7 kg (15 lb 6.9 oz) turnip at his home. After seeing the size, he immediately researched the current record-holder and found the former title holder’s weight.  

That kickstarted his mission to beat the current record title, and over the course of the next three years, he spent his time cultivating impressively large turnips.  

Heaviest turnip being placed on the ground

By 2019 Damien was able to grow a tremendous 15.5 kg (34 lb 2.7 oz) turnip, which was a bit closer to the record-holding weight of 17.7 kg. 

Finally in 2020, when sowing season approached, Damien planted and nourished the seeds and turnips until one day he grew not one, but three Guinness World Records title-worthy turnips!  

Out of the three, Damien’s heaviest turnip measured a circumference of 138 cm (54.3 in), a height of 35 cm (13.8 in) and a width of 46 cm (18.1 in). 

damien holding Heaviest turnip

Upon realizing he had broken the record, the determined gardener told Radio-Canada, "It's been two years that I have been working quite intensely on my turnips. I suspected very strongly that this year was the right one, but I never thought I would have been more than 10 kilos above the old record." 

Now, Damien has quite a lot of cooking to do with his massive vegetables!

Other heaviest vegetable records include:

  • Heaviest carrot (10.17 kg; 22.44 lb)
  • Heaviest avocado (2.55 kg; 5.6 lb)
  • Heaviest onion (8.5 kg; 18 lb 11.84 oz)