Muhammad Rashid smashing drinks cans and walnuts

Breaking a Guinness World Records title is often on peoples' bucket lists. 

But one serial record breaker and black belt holder, Muhammad Rashid (Pakistan), doesn't want to stop at just one.

He’s currently working towards a slightly more ambitious goal. 

“My target in future, I want to complete my 100 records.” - Muhammad Rashid 

The martial arts expert from Karachi, Pakistan, holds over 30 records, almost a third of the way towards his goal. 

Most of his records are smashing – quite literally. 

They include:

  • most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute (284)
  • most watermelons crushed with the head in 30 seconds (49)
  • most drinks cans crushed with the elbow in one minute (77) 
  • most spins of a fire staff in one minute (188) – yes, he can spin as well as smash! 
 Muhammad Rashid crushing drink cans with his elbow

As well as just using his fists and elbows as smashing instruments, he also holds many records using nunchaku and a Bo staff – both traditional martial arts weapons.

His record-breaking journey began in 2013, when he broke the record for the most bottle caps removed with the head in one minute (40) at the Punjab Youth Sports Festival, in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

A year later, he went on Italian television show Lo Show Dei Record to break his own record, achieving 61. 

Most bottle caps removed with the head in one minute

Seven years later, his record-breaking appetite has only grown.

 He’s already broken 14 records in 2020, including the fastest time to unscrew 10 bottle caps with a nunchaku, achieving a time of 17.82 seconds.

Not only has Muhammad broken records this year, but he also trained his daughter, Fatima Naseem, to break a record too! 

She broke the record for the most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows (female) with an incredible 242 on 16 August 2020.

Fatima Naseem most full contact elbow strikes in one minute using alternate elbows

The feat is even more impressive as Fatima is only seven years old!  

Muhammad doesn’t just train his daughter, however. 

As the founder and president of the Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts, many of Muhammad’s students have gone on to become record holders under his training. 

“I want my students proud to view me as a role model due to my Guinness World Records,” Muhammad said.

muhammad rashid leading martial arts class on the beach

His protégés include Syed Taj Muhammad (Pakistan), who holds the record for the most knuckle push ups in one hour (2,175), and Mujtaba Hassan Mughal (Pakistan) who holds the record for most walnuts smashed with a nunchaku in one minute (118). 

With such as array of amazing records, Muhammad has secured himself the status of a record-breaking martial arts icon.

Who knows, maybe Fatima or one of Muhammad's students will follow in his ambitious footsteps and become a serial record breaker too!