Hamako Mori (a.k.a. Gaming Grandma) is now officially recognized as the oldest gaming YouTuber

Hamako was born on 18th February 1930, and is currently 90 years old. Her YouTube channel currently has over 150,000 subscribers.

Hamako began playing videogames 39 years ago. She became interested in it when she saw children playing them. 

"It looked so much fun, and I thought it's not fair if only children played it," Hamako said. 

"I thought life would be more fun if I knew how to play it. So I started playing, at first while no one was watching." 

The first gaming console she owned was "Cassette Vision"; she has kept most of the consoles and software she had bought over the years.

"I treasure them because I brings me memories" she said.


Currently, her go-to console is PlayStation 4, and she is into action games. 

"I didn't touch it until recently because it's difficult to play. But recent action games are visually spectacular, and they often use actors for characters. So I'm really obsessed with it now."


Her particular favourite is Grand Theft Auto V. "It's like watching a film. I like it the best because it has age restrictions, so children can't play it!"

The reason why Hamako began uploading gaming videos onto YouTube was because she wanted to share the gaming experience with others. 

"It's such a waste if I'm the only one enjoying it."

Hamako, who tries to post three or four videos a month, says she is touched by the caring comments of her fans.

"I receive a lot of comments saying don't work too hard. Everyone is so kind. Their comment leave a strong impression on me, and makes me want to make more videos that people enjoy. I still look forward to everyone's comments.

They also say watching my video gives them hope for the future. I feel so happy. That's why I want to create lots and lots of videos. That's my dream."


Gamer for 39 years and counting, Hamako says playing games rejuvenates her spirit. 

"After living for this long, I feel more than ever that playing games for this long was the right choice. I am truly enjoying my life - it's rosy."