Ahead of Guinness World Records Day 2020 this November 18, we’re discovering the world of extraordinary record holders each week to build up the excitement for our global celebration of record breaking. This week, check out a towering fireman from Tennessee, USA.

28-year-old Brandon Berridge from Winchester, Tennessee, USA is bringing his local fire station to new heights as the world’s tallest firefighter. 

Born into a relatively average height American family, his father is 185.42 cm (6 ft 1 in), his mother reaches 180.34 cm (5 ft 11 in), and his brother is 190.5 cm (6 ft 3 in) - but Brandon stands out above the rest as he towers 211.266 cm (6 ft 11.17 in) earning him the Guinness World Record title, the tallest firefighter


Brandon was first inspired to be a firefighter in 2015 when he heard the amazing and memorable stories told by other relatives who were also in the profession.  

He has now been a firefighter of the Tullahoma Fire Department since March 2016 and has been helping his community as an integral member of his firehouse.  tallest-firefighter-with-firehouse-team

Over the years, Brandon has learned and cherished the brotherhood of the neighboring firehouses and the relationships that have been cultivated from this profession. 

“It truly is one big fire family. I wanted to be a part of something that was bigger than one guy, everything is done together and always for the greater good.”  

He added, “no matter where you are a firefighter in the world, you always have brothers and sisters that have your back when you are in need and a mutual respect between all firehouses.” 

However, working as a 6’11 firefighter does present it’s challenges.  


Brandon mentions, “confined spaces are the biggest obstacle being as tall as I am.”  

But his height also has its advantages too. He says that smoke alarm installations, checking higher areas for fires, and scouting out issues that a firefighter of an average height cannot reach are his specialty. 

At home, Brandon encounters more challenges like finding clothes that fit him.  

Most times he has to special order clothes and shoes to fit him. Other problems are fitting into cars, door frames, and ceiling fans - but one thing that he cherishes most is his wife, who contrastingly measures 149.86 cm (4 ft 11 in)! 


When Brandon is unable to reach in cramped or low areas, she helps him out at home and in their day to day lives. 

Though Brandon encounters certain obstacles on a regular basis, he has an extremely humble perspective on life. Over the years, Brandon has developed a really positive attitude and has learned to embrace his individuality.  

To any others who may be struggling with their height Brandon says, “the world is not necessarily made for taller people, but there are certain aspects where we can shine. Find what you enjoy and do it. Greet the challenges and conquer them. Height can be an advantage.“ 
Discover more extraordinary record-breaking like Brandon’s by joining in on the celebrations for Guinness World Records (GWR) Day 18 November 2020!