Split image of Fitzy and Wippa Celebrating Hot Wheel Record and them posing With Certificate.

The Australian breakfast radio show Fitzy & Wippa has officially achieved a Guinness World Records title after creating the longest Hot Wheels track.

The toy car track measured an incredible 751.13 m (2,464 ft 4 in)! 

Michael "Wippa" Wipfli, who co-hosts the popular NOVA radio show alongside Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, which airs on weekday mornings, built the record breaking Hot Wheels track at Sydney’s Oatley Park on the 4th August. 

He was supported by a small team of people and managed to surpass the previous record by nearly 100 m to claim the Guinness World Records title. 

Fitzy and Wippa posing with their Guinness World Records certificate

Wippa originally came up with the idea after spending time in isolation at home with his children, Jack and Ted, who are currently big fans of building Hot Wheels tracks.

After doing some research into what the world’s longest Hot Wheels track measured in at, Wippa decided to take on the challenge of building an even longer track.

He soon began planning how this was going to be done as a way to combat boredom during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Months of careful planning took place before an attempt at the record was made, and in the end the track took around 4 hours to build.

The project received support from famous faces including former international cricketer, Shane Warne, and Olympic gold medallist, Matt Shirvington. 

Fitzy and Wippa Celebrate achieving the Longest Hot Wheels track

The challenge proved to be no easy feat, with unsuccessful attempts at Sydney's Taronga Zoo and Centennial Park prior to the day the record was achieved. 

Both times the toy car failed to stay on the track for the entirety of the run, which was needed to break the previous record.

On the 4th August, when the record was finally achieved at Sydney’s Oatley Park, over 50 attempts were needed for the toy car to complete the run on the 2,464 ft 4 in track.

Longest Hot Wheels track at 700m marker

"It came to the point where 2020, as we spoke about before the show, has been a stinker. No one is having a good time!" Wippa said.

Wippa decided to do something fun and worth celebrating in 2020,which resulted in the record-breaking track.

"What a dream it’s been, what a journey it’s been" he continued.

The previous record for the longest Hot Wheels track is 591.80 m (1,941 ft 7.18 in), and was achieved by Joey Logano and Hot Wheels (both USA) in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, on 21 November 2019.