It’s the biggest annual showdown in American football and it’s coming this Sunday on 2 February 2020.

Fans all over the US and beyond are prepping for the face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, ready to see who will take home the coveted Vince Lombardy trophy.

Many can’t decide if they’re more excited about the game, the food, or the epic halftime performance that will be given by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

That’s why ahead of the weekend, we’re showing you some of the best record titles that relate to the Super Bowl®.

Largest TV audience for a Super Bowl® halftime performance

Super Bowl® Sunday isn’t only about the sports – when it comes to game day, many non-sports fans tune in to watch the elaborate concerts that take place at halftime. One of the most iconic and record breaking performances of all-time was Katy Perry’s performance at Super Bowl XLIX® in 2015 that averaged an audience of 118.5 million people on the NBC network. The seven-song set, which included hits such as "Roar", "Dark Horse" and "I Kissed a Girl" saw Katy perform on top of a huge robotic tiger, and alongside dancing sharks, attracted a larger average TV audience than the game itself (a Super Bowl® record 114.4 million viewers). Katy surpassed Bruno Mars for the record, who accumulated 115.3 million views in 2014. We’ll see if Latina queens JLO and Shak can shatter this title!

Most expensive advertising campaign

Each year, dozens of major brands pay millions for 30 seconds of on-screen ad time during Super Bowl® ad breaks, knowing that millions of Americans everywhere are tuned into the big game. As it’s gotten more competitive and pricey each year, corporations are constantly forking out cash for the big event- with Pepsi Cola currently standing as the biggest spenders. The soft drinks firm spent an astounding $8.1 million (or $90,000 per second) on advertisements for Super Bowl XXXVI® at the Louisiana Superdome in 2002. The campaign starred pop icon Britney Spears consuming the drink at different stages in the last five decades.

Most touchdowns in a Super Bowl® game (team)

The 1990 Super Bowl saw the San Francisco 49ers record the highest score in Super Bowl® history. Not surprisingly, the game also saw them accomplish the most touchdowns in a Super Bowl game, with eight. The showdown took place at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA on 28 January 1990 against the Denver Broncos. With the 2020 version of the Niners playing again this year in Miami, we’ll be watching to see if they can break their own record!

Largest serving of nachos


Loaded nachos is a classic dish served up at Super Bowl® fiestas, and so we thought we’d share the world’s largest to get you hungry for game day. Created by Centerplate and the University of Kansas, 765 lb of nacho chips, 405 lb of salsa, 323 lb of tomato, 918 lb of meat and beans, and more than 2,200 lb of cheese, the nachos were served in enormous heaped servings to athletes at the University of Kansas stadium.

Largest layered dip

Superbowl 3

In a recent adjudication, BUSH’S® Beans broke Dwanye “The Rock” Johnson’s record for the world’s largest layered dip – comprising of 70 different layers! The official attempt took place on 17 January 2020 in Chicago where a team of 19 brand representatives worked to assemble the enormous dip over the course of two days.Weighing a whopping 493 kg (1,087 lbs.), the record-breaking dish was made by layering ten different 7-layer dip recipes on top of one another, each featuring a unique BUSH’S® Beans product.The ten dips included Veggie, Cuban, Caprese, Loaded Baked Potato, Buffalo, Mediterranean, Fiesta, Spicy, Barbecue, and Classic.

Largest television

Superbowl 2

When it comes to the big game, almost everyone is focused on one thing: who has the biggest screen? Well actually, the world’s largest TV set was the Sony Jumbo Tron color TV screen built for the Tsukuba International Exposition '85 near Tokyo, Japan, in March 1985. It measured 24.3m x 45.7m (80ft x 150ft).

Most watched NFL championship game

The intense showdown between the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks during the 2015 Super Bowl® accrued an average audience of 114.4 million views, making it the most watched Super Bowl® game in history. This year's game is primed to beat that number, so who are you rooting for, the 49ers or the Chiefs? May the best team win!

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