Simone Biles 2019 Roundup | Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Simone Biles made her mark on the world during the 2016 Olympics, where she became one of the most decorated and highly regarded gymnasts in US history.

Emerging from Rio 2016 with four Olympic gold medals and one bronze, these accolades are just the tip of the iceberg for what the 4’8 titleholder has really accomplished.

Since beginning her gymnastics career early on in life, Biles has managed to obtain 25 World Championship medals and earn an impressive seven Guinness World Records titles – all at the age of 22.

Many might think a majority of her records were set when she competed at the last summer Olympics, but actually, the precocious athlete has continued her legacy by achieving six records this year alone.

As we recap 2019, we’re taking a closer look at the inspiring sportswoman who is pushing the boundaries in the realm of gymnastics.

Highest margin of victory in an Olympic gymnastics all-around final (female)

When competing as part of “The Final Five” at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Simone blew onlookers away with her amazing routines. As it turns out – the judges thought so too, as she achieved the world’s highest margin of victory in an Olympic gymnastics all-around final by a female with 2.100. Simone won gold in the event with an overall score of 62.198, in second place was fellow American Alexandra Raisman with an overall score of 60.098. For those who might not be aware, for a gymnast to achieve the all-around title, they must average the best scores in all Olympic events, making it a tough challenge to accomplish. As Biles delivered a world class performance in all areas, she managed to succeed her competitors by a record-breaking margin.

Most individual all-around titles at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (female)

Outside of the Olympics, Simone also claims a few record titles at global championship levels. As of this year, she has the most individual all-around gold medals won at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships by a female gymnast at five, achieved between the years 2013–15 and 2018–19. Her most recently achieved fifth all-around world title (and 22nd championship medal) on 10 October 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. She recorded a total score of 58.999; her margin of victory, 2.1 points, matched her record-breaking margin of victory in the 2016 Olympic all-around event.

Most medals won at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships (female) and (overall)

After accruing so many individual all-around titles at the World Artistic Championships, it has led Simone to earning the Guinness World Records title for the most medals won at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in both the female and overall category. In total, she has managed to earn 25 between 2013 and 2019. Biles surpassed Vitaly Scherbo’s record of 23 world championship medals with her five golds at the 2019 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, held on 4–13 October in Stuttgart, Germany. She became only the third woman to win five golds at a single world championships, after Larisa Latynina in 1958 and Vlasta Dĕkanová in 1938. In total, Biles has won 19 golds (including a record five in the women’s all-around), three silvers and three bronze.

First double-double dismount on beam in competition

Earlier in August, Simone Biles shook the world as she made history by being the first gymnast to perform a double-double dismount on beam during a competition. The double-double refers to an athlete’s ability to do a double twist as well as a two flips off a beam – and the effect is mesmerizing. She performed the dismount en route to winning her sixth U.S all round title at the United States National Gymnastics Championships, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, on 11 August 2019.

First triple-double in gymnastics competition (female)

During that same competition, Biles showed no signs of slowing down as she accomplished the first triple-double in gymnastics competition (female). The media went wild as Simone managed to stick the landing after performing a fluid double backflip followed by three twists. During the days of competition at United States National Gymnastics Championships, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA she became the first woman to perform it in the floor exercise of a competition Friday, but landed it for the first time Sunday 11 August 2019 – living up to her nickname for being the G.O.A.T.