Gamer's 2019 record holders

Whittling down the hundreds of records in Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition2019 to a preview of just 10 was no easy task.

The contenders were so strong that there was no room for Thomas Tilley’s gigantic Game & Watch, nor our fantastic feature on pacifist speed-runs or Silentc0re’s exploits in Red Dead Redemption be squeezed in. Read on to see which of Gamer’s Edition 2019’s brilliant records and record breakers – from Minecraft to Fortnite – made the final cut!

Stampy Cat fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft

1. Fastest time to make and display 10 cakes in Minecraft

Where else to start except with the record-breaking exploits of cover star, Stampy Cat? 

The hugely popular YouTuber managed to make 10 cakes in less than four minutes, sticking to the very special recipe that we cooked up just for him.

2. Most hand-drawn frames of animation in a videogame

StudioMDHR’s “shmup” Cuphead has wowed gamers with its beautiful Disney-like animation and we were thrilled to award the developer for its efforts. 

The studio estimated that it created nearly 45,000 individual frames in all to bring Cuphead to life, easily topping the frame count in other famously hand-animated games such as Dragon’s Lair (31,431 frames) and Space Ace (34,116).

3. Largest LEGO® brick Horizon Zero Dawn custom scale model

Marius Hermann’s terrifyingly life-like LEGO scale model of one of Horizon Zero Dawn’s deadly Thunderjaw is truly impressive. It stands at 42 cm tall from toes to antennas and he’s even managed to capture it in what looks like mid-roar. 

His model was so good that it caught the attention of the staff of Horizon’s developer, Guerrilla Games, who put it on display in their offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

4. Most downvoted comment on Reddit

It’s surely a sign of the times – and certainly of gamers’ tastes – that the most down voted Reddit comment ever has to do with loot boxes. 

By downvoting EA’s response to complaints about how time-consuming it was to unlock the likes of Luke Skywalker without paying in Star Wars Battlefront II’s, gamers let the publisher know exactly what they thought.

Ray Cox highest xbox gamescore

5. Highest Xbox Gamerscore

Ray Cox, better known by his Xbox Gamertag “Stallion83”, is rapidly approaching the two-million-point mark when it comes to his Xbox Gamerscore – he was also the first gamer to hit one million. 

He said he sometimes plays Xbox for 16 hours a day and that his ‘absolute favourite’ series is Halo.

6. Largest monster in Monster Hunter: World

We asked and Capcom answered. Not only did we find out the exact height, from toes to horns, of the largest beast in Monster Hunter: World (we won’t spoil which it is, but it stands at an enormous 257 m tall), but we also got the heights of the nine monsters that are closest to its colossal size.

7. Longest deep-space rescue in Elite: Dangerous

Gamers generally want to prove themselves the best by taking on all and sundry in whatever game they play, but Elite: Dangerous’ Fuel Rats found a way into the book through a much more selfless means. 

The Fuel Rats are a group of players who save other pilots who run out of fuel while exploring the vast recesses of space in Frontier’s open world space exploration game. The Rats’ record rescue took 75 hours as generous pilots transported fuel across more than 65 light years of space!

8. Most videogame re-enactments of a real-world military campaign

Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII was the 55th videogame our researchers could trace that depicts the events of World War II’s D-Day landings in Northern France. 

Of course, 6 June 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord, so expect even more games to recreate the historic day in the coming months – perhaps even in EA’s upcoming Battlefield V?

9. Highest hit point combo with one hand in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Desk is one of the most talented fighting game experts around and even a broken hand couldn’t stop his exploits. 

In March 2018 he sent us a video of him dealing out a 441-hit combo in Dragon Ball FighterZ using his one good hand. He used a team of Super Saiyan Goku, Teen Gohan and Yamcha to devastating effect.

Most concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream by an individual

10) Most concurrent viewers for a Twitch stream by an individual

It’s hard to put together a list of Gamer’s Edition 2019 records without throwing in one for game of the moment, Fortnite

On 21 April 2018, popular Twitcher Ninja was watched by 667,000 people as he took part in the “Ninja Vegas 18” event, live in Las Vegas. Ninja competed in nine rounds of Fortnite Battle Royale, with anyone who won one of the rounds – or killed Ninja – scooping a cash prize.

Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2019 is out now in the US and Canada (as of Tuesday 28 August) and will be available globally from Thursday 6 September. Find out where you can buy your copy.