Each summer, many worry about the dangers of laying out in the sun in order to get some colour.

Sioux Falls-based Stacey Burkhart shares that concern, which is exactly what inspired her to achieve the record for the Most spray tans in one hour.

In 60 minutes, she managed to speedily arrange for 92 women to get a quick bronzing at a salon she worked for in South Dakota called Sun Tan City.

"I got the inspiration from my boss. I had been with the company a little over 10 years and I was getting ready to make the transition out of the tanning industry to try a new journey. He came to me about it and we thought it would be a great way to make an impact on the spray tan growth."

"A lot of people are scared of spray tans because of the Friends episode with Ross and we wanted to be able to show everyone that sprays are a great way to get a beautiful colour. What better way to get people aware of spray tans than to set a record?"

During the attempt, one of the most difficult part for Stacey was ensuring every part of the participant was covered by the tanning mist, a requirement in the Guinness World Records guidelines.

She felt that this was a great alternative for others who use traditional tanning beds or lay out in the sun, and hoped the record would bring awareness to the health benefits of sunless tans.

"I am still in shock that I can even say I’m a Guinness World Records title holder. It is a true honour to be able to say that I was able to do such an amazing thing and can bring awareness to spray tanning. I am grateful for everyone that helped make that day success. I might have to give it another try because I had 15 minutes left and ran out of people to spray. It is a great feeling and I'm very proud of this accomplishment."