It’s unlikely that two complete strangers would embark on the journey of a lifetime together, but that’s exactly what happened for Julie Berry and Kasey Stewart. 

After meeting just once for less than 24 hours, the two decided to conquer a mission no one has ever done before - breaking the record for achieving the Fastest time to travel to all seven continents

Calling their mission 7in72, passionate adventurers Kasey and Julie were determined to end their journey in a mere 72 hours. 

Several flights later, which include the densely packed schedule below, the pair set foot on Antarctica to become record holders, completing the journey in 92 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds. 

Fastest time to travel to all seven continents 8


13 December 2017: Sydney (Australia)-Dubai (UAE, Asia), 4.55pm-12.40am (14 hr 45 min flight time, 4 hr 20 min spent in Dubai)

14 December 2017: Dubai (UAE, Asia)-Cairo (Egypt, Africa), 5am-7.10am (4 hr 10 min flight time, 3 hr 20 min spent in Cairo)

14 December 2017: Cairo (Egypt, Africa)-Frankfurt (Germany, Europe), 10.30am-2.10pm (4 hr 40 min flight time, 3 hr spent in Frankfurt)

14 December 2017: Frankfurt (Germany, Europe)-Toronto (Canada, North America), 5.10pm-7.40pm (8 hr 40 min flight time, 4 hr 5 min spent in Toronto)

14 December 2017: Toronto (Canada, North America)-Santiago (Chile, South America), 11.45pm-12.05pm (11 hr 20 min flight time, 6 hr 15 min spent in Santiago)

15 December 2017: Santiago (Chile, South America)-Punta Arenas (Chile, South America), 6.20pm-9.40pm (3 hr 20 min flight time)

16 December 2017: Punta Arenas (Chile, South America)-Antarctica, 8am departure, 2 hr 30 min flight time)

By the time their journey had ended, Kasey and Julie spent more time together on a record-breaking pursuit than when they had first met in early 2017. 

Both on their own nomadic trek around the world, Kasey and Julie initially crossed paths as volunteer parking attendants at a Bonnie Tyler concert in Queensland, New Zealand.

Enjoying a helicopter flight over Sydney, Australia, at the start of their journey

Amid directing traffic through a deserted parking lot, it wasn’t long before the two quickly discovered that their ambitions and appreciation for world cultures overlapped.

"Kasey and I had only spent a day together prior to joining forces for this Guinness World Records attempt so we expedited a friendship in a very fast unique way. We now know things that could easily embarrass the other, and shared aspects of self that might otherwise take months to be revealed. People commonly ask me how was it with Kasey and I always reply, 'we got along famously!'. We learned that taking a chance on each other really paid off because between Kasey's practically and ability to multitask he really balanced out my whimsical and intuitive ways. We found we have a common mission in life, by choosing inspiration in our own lives, we hope to inspire others to do the same. We both are at the point in our lives where we derive meaning from contributing to the world in a positive way," Julie Berry.

Of course, the idea for setting the Guinness World Records title came later, as both Kasey and Julie were at the start of their travels when they encountered each other at the concert. 

In front of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai during their stop in Asia

In 2016, Kasey had sold nearly all of his belongings and left a vacant position as a Vice President and Group Creative Director – wanting to push himself outside his comfort zone by wandering the world with just a camera in hand.

Julie felt the same way, abandoning her life as a television producer and family counsellor to measure her success by inspirational moments and plane tickets.

The pair not only shared an affinity for new experiences, but a past of being on reality TV shows; Julie had lasted 36 days on the hit show Survivor while Kasey had been a contestant on season 9 of ABC’s The Bachelorette.

Enjoying the sites of Cairo in Egypt during their Africa stopover

A few months later Kasey reached his lifelong goal of reaching all seven continents at the age of 33.

The former corporate worker thought he would feel finished when stepping foot onto his seventh and final continent, but instead wanted to know how fast he could reach all seven continents of the world, and knew that Julie was the only person to help him find out.

"It’s hard for people to believe when we tell them that Julie and I had actually only met once before our trip. We had been friends on Facebook for years and saw we had both been traveling the world when we crossed paths in New Zealand in January of 2017 and met up. About 10 months had passed without seeing each other before I started looking for someone to do this trip with me and Julie was one of the first people to cross my mind. I knew just not anyone could do this and that she would be a perfect fit. It was going to take someone that would be able to put up with everything the trip would throw at us. I knew she would be able to handle it. Julie and I have a natural chemistry together, so it was comfortable being around each other from the beginning," Kasey Stewart.

After contacting her, both were set on beating the current Guinness World Records minimum of 120 hours (5 days), beginning an extensive plan to embark on their record-breaking project.

Frankfurt, Germany, was their European destination

After deciding to begin on 13 December, their formidable route would commence in Sydney and end in Antarctica.

While they tried to follow their schedule as closely as possible the two experienced adventurers ended their journey in just over 90 hours instead of 72 due to a 20-hour delay on their final leg of the record attempt, caused by a snowstorm in Antarctica.

Before a transatlantic flight to Toronto in Canada. North America ticked off

Other risk for delays came from the pair's desire to adventure in the country they were in before boarding the next flight.

"There was a risk every time we stepped off onto a new continent because we had a mission to have a cultural experience and meet the locals at every stop. We cut it close in each continent with catching our next flight but it was important for both of us to have an experience outside of the airport. It was magical to have all seven different cultures back to back to soak in the seemingly vast contrasts yet witness the common thread of humanity," Kasey Stewart and Julie Berry.

Despite not sleeping for a straight 48 hours, and nearly missing several flights, they still achieved their dream and managed to take some stunning photos along the way.

While Julie and Kasey don't have any other plans in the near future, they hope to continue traveling and possibly break more records. 

"I still have Kasey withdrawals and wish we could continue to do high intensity world records for life!"

In South America they visited Chile's capital, Santiago, and Punta Arenas in the south where this photo was taken

After completing their journey, the new record holders said they felt they learned some key life lessons during the trip.

"I learned to always leave space for the magic in life. That could be any seemingly mundane event which transpires into a crazy twist of fate. It really comes from being comfortable with the unknown and uncertainty and letting it all happen beyond your comfort zone. To trust. I learned that life is ours to create, it’s not something that always just happens to us. I learned that there are so many interesting, compelling and beautiful people in this world with stories we can all learn from and be inspired by. I learned if I choose inspiration, everything else follows," Kasey Stewart and Julie Berry.

Kasey Stewart and Julie Berry take a celebratory polar bear plunge in Antarctic waters upon receiving the news of their first Guinness World Records title