Bini is no ordinary bunny! 

The five-year-old pet has bounced his way into this year’s first Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book for his spectacular athletic talent. 

Bini can perform several tricks, but his most brilliant is arguably his record-breaking ability to do the Most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit. 

In a matter of sixty seconds, the Holland Lop rabbit can put a miniature basketball through a hoop seven times – an impressive total for such a tiny animal. 

Owner Shai Asor affectionately jokes that Bini developed an interest in basketball thanks to him. He says that basketball is Bini's favorite activity, and that he even practices his dunks every night before going to bed.

Most basketball slam dunks by a rabbit 2

One day in their home of Los Angeles, California, USA, Shai noticed that Bini was playing with a ball and a box, and that he kept pushing the ball towards the box. 

From this, he realised he could train Bini to perform basketball movements - and they practiced until the clever cottontail became a pro!

Most basketball slam dunks by a rabbit 5

On the days he’s not trying to become the next basketball legend, Bini wakes up very early and runs around the house, before eating some fresh greens for breakfast. 

Later, he takes an afternoon nap and wakes up full of energy for playtime with his owner.

Bini is a well-rounded rabbit, and enjoys the arts as much as sports.

He is capable of styling hair and painting, by holding a paint brush in his mouth. Much of his artistic work is available on his online store

Most basketball slam dunks by a rabbit

Shai says: “Having Bini become part of the Guinness World Records family is an incredible feeling, especially since I used to read the annual books when I was a kid.” 

Bini and his basketball skills can be found in the first-ever Guinness World Records 2018: Amazing Animals book alongside other fantastic furry record holders. 

Amazing Animals Cover

The Guinness World Records 2018, Guinness World Records 2018 Gamer’s Edition, and Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals, are in stores now. 

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