The second partnership between Guinness World Records and the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival in Australia saw two costumed competitors achieve impressive new titles during Sunday’s race.

The first record-breaker to cross the line was North Bondi’s Matthew Whitaker, who finished the race in 2 hours, 44 minutes and 29 seconds – wearing a full suit.

The 25-year-old lawyer was one of two people attempting Fastest marathon in a suit title on the day, and beat his competitor by a nail-biting 6 minutes 29 seconds.

The two are hoping to collaborate on a Guinness World Records title for the 2018 Sydney Marathon.

Matthew Whitaker

“I am doing this because I want to push myself to achieve something that nobody else has ever achieved,” said Matthew in his application for the title.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Brian Sobel was on hand to verify the attempt on the finish line. He had to check that the runner kept his jacket, waistcoast, trousers, tie, shirt and socks on for the entire race.

Matthew wore a suit slightly too big for him, to try and prevent himself from overheating.

The only deviation from his smart businessman attire were a pair of running shoes, which are permitted by the Guinness World Records guidelines for this particular marathon challenge.

Next to finish was William Bond of Leichhardt who achieved the Fastest marathon in a Kung Fu uniform in a time of 3 hours, 50 minutes and 38 seconds.

Fastest marathon in a Kung Fu suit

He attempted this challenge “as a mark of respect to the memory of my Kung Fu Sifu (at Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy Australia) who recently passed away from cancer.”

He wore the official Jow Ga Kung Fu Academy uniform for the race, including a tunic, pants, black belt and Kung Fu training shoes.

William raised money for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

"What a day!” said adjudicator Brian after the event. “The atmosphere was fantastic and we’re thrilled a number of Guinness World Records titles were secured. We’re looking forward to seeing what next year holds!”