Video: Watch 179 RC model aircraft flying at the same time

By Rachel Swatman
Most RC model aircraft airborne simultaneously header

YouTube channel Flight Test recently organised a record-breaking event to bring their community together.

With hundreds of model aircraft fans set to attend their annual ‘Flight Fest’ gathering, they decided it would be the perfect occasion to attempt the Guinness World Records title for the Most RC model aircraft airborne simultaneously.

An incredible 179 planes took to the air and flew above the guests in a spectacular display.

The participants were divided into sections and each launched one after the other, to avoid crashes and make sure the planes were counted and monitored correctly.

Once every radio-controlled model aircraft was in the air, they all needed to remain airborne simultaneously for a minimum of one minute.

The Flite Test Community surpassed the previous record total by an incredible 98 planes.

The challenge took place in a large field in Malvern, Ohio, USA, and was coordinated by Howard Kaler.

“Flite Test is here to educate, entertain and elevate those who have an interest in flight,” the group states on their video channel which currently boasts over 700K subscribers.