On this week’s episode of FOX’s The F Word with Gordon Ramsay, the multi-Michelin star chef saw record holder Joe Carlucci achieve his second pizza-related record.

Attempting to beat the record for Largest pizza base spun in one minute, Joe, who already holds a pizza preparation record title, had the pressure of bettering a minimum of 42 cm – set by Milan-based Geris Mohsen. 

Nonetheless, with some banter and encouragement from chef Ramsay, Carlucci was confident he could set a new standard. 

Largest pizza base spun in one minute 2

Check out the exciting attempt below: 

Joe has had some previous experience attaining record titles, and earned his first in 2006 for the Highest pizza toss. 

His experience also stems from his background in the restaurant business, as Carlucci runs a pizzeria in Huntsville, Alabama. 

Using a 567g ball of dough, he managed to throw the circular base a whopping 21 ft 5 in in the air. Now with a measurement of 72 cm, Carlucci nearly doubled the previous title holder’s record for using his skill set in pizza base spinning. 

Largest pizza base spun in one minute

Joe is one of many others to achieve Guinness World Records titles on this season of The F Word. 

Previously, host Gordon Ramsay earned his very first Guinness World Records title for Fastest time to fillet a 10 lb fish, followed by a Publix employee for Fastest time to dice watermelon, and sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada for Most slices of carrots sliced while blindfolded in 30 seconds. 

Most recently, German-born Martina Servaty broke her own title for Most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute. 

What records will be broken in the weeks to come? Stay tuned to find out! 

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