Give Abhinabha Tangerman from the Netherlands a one-handed round of applause! He has just entered the record books for his astonishingly fast attempt at the Most one-handed claps in one minute.

“I've always had the rare capacity for one-hand clapping,” he told Guinness World Records.

Well there’s no denying that statement – watch the video below to find out just how many claps Abhinabha achieved.

He has a tough total of 403 to beat and needs to do more than 6 claps a second.

Abhinabha was encouraged to take on this challenge by his friend Ashrita Furman (USA), Guinness World Records’ most prolific record breaker.

“It gives me joy to challenge myself,” said Abhinabha, speaking ahead of the attempt in Potsdam, Germany.

Most one-handed claps in one minute audience

One-handed clapping is defined as using the fingers of one hand to hit the palm of the same hand.

Only clearly audible claps are included in the record total.

How many one-handed claps can you do in 60 seconds?

Earlier this year we witnessed Satoyuki Fujimura from Japan also set a record with the help of his super-fast fingers. He achieved the Most finger snaps in one minute.

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