‘Kuching’ is the Bahasa Malaysia word for ‘cats’, so it only seems right that a Guinness World Records attempt in the city should have a strong association with the much-loved animals.

The organisers of the recent ASEAN Film Festival and Awards 2017 in Kuching, Malaysia decided to invite guests to take part in the Largest gathering of people dressed as cats.

Largest gathering of people dressed as cats makeup

A minimum of 250 people were required to set the record and each participant had to wear a full-body costume, including whiskers, ears and a tail, in order to be counted towards the record title.

An impressive 440 people turned up in full feline attire and made the event a purr-fect success.

Largest gathering of people dressed as cats group

Hoda Khachab from Guinness World Records adjudicated the attempt and presented the organisers with an official certificate recognising their achievement.

Many of the participants were schoolchildren - Hoda commented that the children were “extremely excited to be involved in a Guinness World Records attempt.”

Largest gathering of people dressed as cats counting

The Malaysian city that is filled with cat statues and museums can now also lay claim to holding a Guinness World Records title thanks to their love of the popular pets.

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