Fitness fanatic Irfan Mehsood from Pakistan achieved his eighth Guinness World Records title during a recent attempt for the Most two finger push ups (two arms) in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack record.

Wearing a rucksack packed with weights, Irfan completed an impressive 22 correctly performed push ups using just his thumbs during the attempt in Dera Ismail Khan.

Proving how tough this gruelling challenge is, Irfan had to stop once during the attempt to rest, but the dedicated record breaker pushed on to successfully complete the record.

Think you could do better? The rules for this title state that the body must remain straight throughout and that with each push up the body must be lowered until at least a 90-degree angle is attained at the elbow. Not only this, but the challenger must use the same two fingers for the entire attempt.

Irfan has been practicing Kung Fu and intense fitness skills since he was a teenager and gets his inspiration from the famous martial artist, stuntman and actor Jackie Chan.

“It’s my passion to set more and more Guinness World Records titles,” said the 27-year-old after setting this latest record.

Most two finger push ups in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack

Irfan’s other Guinness World Records tiles include Most thumb push ups (both arms) in one minute (33), Most Bo staff strikes in one minute (216) and Most full contact knee strikes in one minute (alternate legs) (83).