Sunday marks Father's Day in the US and though many countries in Europe. To celebrate, check out our list below of world beating Dads. 
Father's Day Round Up3
First Father and Daughter to Summit Everest
It’s often said that parents would move mountains for their children, but Dendi Sherpa actually climbs over them for his daughter Ngim Chhamji Sherpa! The first father and daughter to climb Everest together the Nepalese pair reached the summit from the Nepali (south) side on 19 May 2012 – now that’s love. 
Father's Day Round Up 2
Heaviest vehicle pulled over a level 100 ft
Reverend Kevin Fast is one dad you don’t want to mess around with! Just last year he achieved the record for the Heaviest vehicle pulled over a level 100 ft, towing two firetrucks using just a rope for stability! In total he carried 68,090 kg (150,112 lb 12 oz), bettering the record he set in 2008. Kevin also holds records for Heaviest aircraft pulled (male), Heaviest house pulled by a man, and Most people supported on the shoulders! He’s even encouraged his two sons to attempt strength-based records, who have managed to achieve the title for Heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 ft by a pair (male). Now that’s great parenting. 
First father v son NBA match
The first time in NBA history a father coaching one team faced his son playing for another came when New York Nets (USA) rookie Jan Van Breda Kolff (USA) produced six points and four rebounds against the Utah Jazz (USA), coached by his father, Butch Van Breda Kolff (USA), on 9 November 1976. The only other NBA father-versus-son combination occurred when Los Angeles Clippers (USA) coach Mike Dunleavy Sr. (USA) and Golden State Warriors (USA) forward Mike Jr. (USA) faced one another eleven times through January 2006.

Largest tire track image
In 2015, the Largest tire track image was achieved by Hyundai Motor Company, who used eleven vehicles to create a 5,556,411.86 m² (59,808,480.26 ft²) message that a 12-year-old daughter wishes to send to her astronaut father. Spelling out the words 'Steph ♥'s You', Genesis cars creating lines 30 metres wide on the desert floor so that Steph could communicate a message to her dad who had been at the International Space Station for the past seven months. Luckily Steph’s dad received her loving message, making for one the most touching records in our archives. 
The Oldest Living Father 
In August 2007, Nanu Ram Jogi (India) celebrated the birth of what he believes is his 21st child a daughter, named Girija at the grand old age of 90, making him the oldest known dad in the world. He fathered his first child in 1943, and hopes to continue having babies until he reaches 100 years old.
Father's Day Round Up
Widest Tongue (male) 
Byron Schlenker and his daughter share a special trait- they’re both record holders for the Widest tongue, in the male and female categories. Byron’s tongue measures 8.57 cm (3.37 in) at its widest point, which broke his previous record of 8.3 cm. His daughter Emily has the widest tongue (female), which measures 7.33 cm (2.89 in)! You know what they say, like father like daughter! 
Father's Day Round Up 4
The fastest marathon run by parent and child
Father and son Graham and Ben Green (UK) both love running. They first set this record in 2014, and decided to beat it together once again in 2015 at the Virgin London Marathon. Together, they managed to achieve an impressive time of 5 hr 2 min 12 sec with a lot of practice and strong determination.