You might recognise Pakistani martial arts expert Muhammad Rashid as the man who smashed 77 drinks cans with his elbow for a recent Guinness World Records challenge.
Today the black belt holder returns with an even fiercer record attempt: Most green coconuts smashed with the head in one minute.
Most green coconuts smashed with the head 
Watch as Muhammad moves down a line of coconuts destroying each one with his hardy forehead.
The rules for this record state that the coconuts must leak out milk/water in order to be qualified as broken.
Broken coconuts 
The martial arts pro successfully cracks yet another Guinness World Records title, achieving a total of 35 green coconuts.
Muhammad is from Karachi Sindh in Pakistan and is the founder and president of Pakistan Academy of Martial Arts.
He has achieved a number of impressive Guinness World Records titles in recent years.
Stay tuned to because Muhammad plans to “break every martial arts record” there is…