Yesterday the one and only L.A. Beast, AKA US competitive eating pro Kevin Strahle (USA), visited our New York City office to take his competitive eating skills to a record-setting level.  
The Beast is known by his massive social media fans for his ability to consume and conquer the seemingly impossible, but this time he decided raise that bar by attempting two extremely challenging speed-eating record titles. 
Entering “beast mode” as soon as he walked into our offices, he boldly stepped up to attempt the Most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes and the Most Bhut jolokia peppers eaten in two minutes (also often referred to as ghost peppers) – all while being aired on our Facebook Live broadcast
Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in Three Minutes 3
The YouTube star has already achieved insanely difficult feats, ranging from the most jars of mayo consumed in ten minutes, to consuming maggot cheese which have earned millions of views on his channel. But up until this point he had not attempted any official Guinness World Records titles.
The fearless L.A. Beast decided to go head-to-head yesterday with a huge bowl of chicken nuggets and a hefty portion of one of the world’s hottest peppers in front of a live Facebook audience. 
With fans tuned in, the Beast attempted to overcome the daunting targets to beat from previous record holders - 531 grams of chicken nuggets and 66 grams of ghost peppers. 
Most Chicken Nuggets Eaten in Three Minutes 2
Living up to his reputation and having practiced hard, the L.A. Beast chowed down with great determination and focus, consuming 642.12 grams of nuggets and doubling the ghost pepper title to a whopping 121.9 grams of extreme heat. 
To watch the outstanding attempts for yourself, check out the videos below.