Last weekend marked the first time Guinness World Records has partnered with the 2017 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, providing record-breaking opportunities for runners taking part in the highly anticipated competition.
On race day, runners who had applied to attempt records had the chance to meet with our official adjudicators and have their record verified on the finish line.    
Now, we are pleased to announce that eight costumed runners successfully set new records, leaving their mark in the history books and making some memories as they ran the gruelling 26.2 miles from Los Angeles to Santa Monica.
LA Marathon Winners 8
Fastest marathon dressed as a boxer 
Look out Rocky - Christian Aarstad Odgaard came all the way from Norway to attempt this record title - and did so despite the California heat. The experienced runner decided to break a record dressed in boxer attire as something to cross off his bucket list, as well as impress his daughter Madeleine who loves the Guinness World Records annuals. At a final time of 3 hours 4 minutes 57 seconds, he set a new standard while sporting an awesome athletic outfit. 
LA Marathon Winners 6
Fastest marathon dressed as a fast food item 

Lawrence Pitkin takes the term “fast food” quite literally. He set a new speedy marathon title dressed a hot dog. The 34-year-old engineer was excited to participate in a record attempt to show other runners as well as his co-workers that exercise is fun, and can be done while cracking a smile. While you probably won’t be able to find Lawrence at a drive thru, at the weekend we found him cheering at the finish line with a time of 3 hours 40 minutes 22 seconds. 
LA Marathon Winners 7
Fastest marathon dressed as a tennis player (male) 
Don’t let the racket fool you, Kevin Odle was at the Los Angeles Marathon to run. Decked out in a sweat band, shades, knee-high socks and tennis ball, Kevin was able to achieve a new time of 3 hours 44 minutes 52 seconds this past Sunday. 
LA Marathon Winners 3
Fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas (male) 

Fred Perez wasn’t just feeling lazy on marathon day, he instead decided to attempt the fastest marathon dressed in pyjamas. Appealing to his inner couch potato, the pyjama runner obtained a time of 3 hours 44 minutes 55 seconds. Fred says achieving an official Guinness World Records title is a “validation of all the joy I’ve found in running the past decade” and would like to attempt more marathon records in future. 
LA Marathon Winners 4
Fastest marathon dressed as a swimmer 

Accountant Craig Handy took the plunge and stripped down to his swimwear for the race. Definitely an advantage in the west coast heat, Craig persevered through the race in googles and speedos, achieving a time of 3 hours 46 minutes 39 seconds. After training for seven months, five days a week for the big race, he’s thrilled with the future bragging rights that come with being a certified record holder.  
LA Marathon Winners 5
Fastest marathon wearing lederhosen 

Jerry Knox brought a piece of traditional Bavaria with him during his record attempt in German lederhosen. Fashioned in overalls, a feathered hat and plaid shirt, the high school geography teacher was excited to attempt his third record! Previously Jerry has earned records for Fastest marathon dribbling a basketball and Fastest marathon dribbling two balls, broken at the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon. Two extremely tough titles to beat, it came easy to the participant who has been involved with over 75 marathon races in his lifetime. At this year’s LA Marathon, the multi-record holder added another title to his collection by achieving a time of 3 hours 50 minutes.
"This would be my quirkiest personal achievement!" said Jerry. "Realistically, I don’t see the record lasting very long, but it would be great to say I held a Guinness World Records title, if only for just one day! I like to think that this would be an inspiration for my family, friends and the spectators to go outside, be active, and have fun."  
LA Marathon Winners 2
Fastest marathon dressed as a three dimensional bird 

The flashy pink flamingo running towards you is record holder Jean-Baptiste Bourdu, who was extremely excited to attempt a record for the iconic brand that has been such a big part of his home nations of France and the UK. Jean decided to achieve this record to raise raising money for the American Heart Association, as his father and youngest daughter were both affected with cardiac illnesses. Attaining his goal whilst wearing the weighty costume, Jean managed to run a time of 5 hours 31 minutes 05 seconds while raising awareness for a noble cause. Jean-Baptiste documented his run progress via his entertaining Twitter account.
LA Marathon Winners 1
Fastest marathon dressed as a car (male) 

Nicolas Pogu’s attempt was inspired by his favourite video game, Mario Kart - a great record for all of our gamer fans. Although Nicolas has run costumed marathons before, this is his first time running for a Guinness World Records title. Fortunately, he was able to run with a time of 5 hours 45 minutes 54 seconds and ended the race a champion. "To be recognized along some great and astounding achievements by humans is something to be proud and honoured about," said Nicolas.