The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon regularly delivers memorable moments, but last week the NBC show took things up a notch by achieving a new Guinness World Records title. 
Actress Drew Barrymore appeared as the special guest on Friday’s show, promoting her new Netflix TV series, Santa Clarita Diet
Introducing the star, Jimmy declared, “Drew is already known for being the world’s coolest person”- but while that isn't a category we currently monitor, the show did however see the E.T. star attempt three actual Guinness World Records titles in front of the live studio audience. 
Drew began by hurriedly smearing make up onto a line of ten individuals who volunteered as models. 
The attempt was for Most lipstick applications in 30 seconds, and although it wasn’t quite a record success, it made for a brilliantly chaotic thirty seconds of poorly applied cosmetics. 
Hot on the heels of the first attempt, came another for the Most paper banners run through in 30 seconds, with the set lined with ten custom banners sporting the message “Go Drew!”
With speed and two fists held forward, Drew burst through all ten banners for sadly what was to prove to be another unsuccessful attempt. 
Not to be deterred, Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Furnari approached the stage to officially verify Drew’s final record attempt of the night, this time for the Widest wig.
The super-sized hairpiece was created especially for the attempt by prop specialists Kelly Hanson and Randy Carfagno Productions LLC.
Jimmy Fallon 2
In a mass of blonde hair and bows, and a measurement of seven feet and four inches, it surpassed the previous record holder by over a foot. 
In celebration of her new official title, Drew sported the wig on set and gave a victorious bow to the audience. 
We’re pleased to add to Drew’s many achievements, including the Guinness World Records title she already can claim to be a part of for the Most stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame – family
To see Drew and Jimmy in action, watch the video below: