Jayanth Reddy International Taekwondo Academy achieved the record for Largest Taekwondo display (multiple venues) back in 2014, with 979 participants taking part at venues across India.
This year the school's owner Jayanth wanted to create an even bigger and more spectacular event, by inviting his students to take part in the Largest Taekwondo display at a single venue.
Working with the Indian Martial Arts Academy Team, he managed to round up an incredible 1,152 martial arts students from all over India to take part in a mass performance at Saroor Nagar Outdoor Stadium in Hyderabad, India.
Many of the participants were young kids and everyone wore the traditional dobok/gi for the attempt.
In order to achieve the title, everyone had to perform the martial arts routine simultaneously for a minimum of ten minutes and to a reasonable standard.
 Kids taking part in the largest Taekwondo display
The participants successfully broke the previous record of 991 that was achieved by M.R Bobbili in India back in September 2016.
The event was organised by martial arts teacher Jayanth Reddy, who has been mastering his skills for 35 years and already has a number of Guinness World Records titles under his black belt.
He achieved the record for the Most full contact punch strikes in one minute (one hand) in July 2016, beating the previous record holder by 19 punches to set a new record of 352.
Back in 2012 he smashed the record for Round house kicks - most concrete blocks broken in one minute (male) with 34.
Jayanth Reddy attempting the Guinness World Records title for round house kicks
"Martial arts has given a lot to me, and I want to give back in any way possible to increase its popularity. In the next three years, I wish to help another 10,000 Indians achieve world records. This will improve India's reputation in the world of martial arts, which is currently dominated by countries like China, Japan, Korea and Thailand," Jaynath told Times of India in 2015.
After helping 1,152 people get into the record books with for the largest Taekwondo display, Jayanth is on the way to achieving his goal.