The world’s Longest wedding dress train has been unveiled in Caudry, a French town famous for its production of lace, 11 years after the Guinness World Records title was first set there.

The spectacular white gown has an 8,095.40 m (26,559.71 ft) train which is almost long enough to cover Mount Everest (8,848 m)!

Construction company Dynamic Projects, with the help of 15 volunteers, spent two months stitching individual pieces of the train before sewing them all together to form a whole.

The team also incorporated part of the previous record-breaking garment that measured an impressive, but comparatively-short, 1203.9 m.

Longest wedding dress train certificate presentation

However, the record had grown significantly since 2006 with the most recent mark being 4,680 m (15,354 ft 4 in) for a dress made in China earlier this year.

The measuring was overseen by professional surveyor Christophe Dumont of Cabinet Caron-Briffaut and Guinness World Records adjudicator Rob Molloy, who presented a certificate to the company.

The attempt took place at the annual French fundraising event, AMF Telethon, which raises money for non-profit organisations such as the French Muscular Dystrophy Association. 

Afterwards, the stunning wedding dress train was cut into segments and sold, with all the money being donated to Telethon charities. 

The Guinness World Records title for the Longest line of pie slices was also achieved during the fundraiser.

Longest line of pie slices

Official adjudicator Anna Orford measured a mouth-watering 421.60 m display of desserts, baked by Carrefour.

This bettered the previous record of 318.5 m (1,044.95 ft), achieved by Polish company, Malopolska Organizacja Turystyczna, in 2016.

A valiant attempt at the Most LED lights lit simultaneously was also made but unfortunately the record was not broken on this occasion.