Many refer to her as the real-life Rapunzel, but Abril Lorenzatti is actually the new record holder for the Longest hair on a teenager.

While her hair may be long and flowing like the fairy tale character, the Argentinian resident does not confine her 1.52-metres-long (4 ft 11.84 in) locks to a tower and instead shows it off around her home town of Villa Carlos Paz, Cordoba.

Abril’s dedication and patience to grow her hair consistently for the past 11 years is impressive – but what was her inspiration behind it?

According to the 17-year-old, it was a bad haircut experience.

One day, after watching the movie Matilda, Abril decided she would ask the hairdresser to make her hair look like the film's young star.

"The next day when I saw myself again in the mirror I did not like what I saw. It was very short, so I decided to let it grow and not cut it again - not until it is very necessary or I really want to make a change. After four years I had it quite long again so people have since called me 'Rapunzel' or 'The girl with long hair'. During all these years I only cut my ends."

Now tourists who visit Cordoba often stop the teen and ask her questions about her extensive mane, interested to know more about how it got so long.

Longest hair on a teenager

Surprisingly, Abril has a rather simple hair care routine: She washes it every other day and uses regular store-bought shampoo and conditioner.

Her mother helps her detangle part of the ends which are difficult to reach and then she just lets it air dry.

In fact, she has got used to having it - the only issues arise when she walks in windy conditions or tries to climb the stairs.

"I have to lift my hair when going up a flight of stairs because if I carry it in front of me I can step on it and if I'm going down the stairs and I put it behind me, others can step on the ends. When there is a lot of wind I have to hold it tight and tie it, or it will become uncontrollable!"

Now Abril, who started growing her hair as a personal preference, is thrilled that she holds a record.

"It is very exciting because I did not think until recently that my hair could be considered for such an important recognition. This experience has left me with a beautiful memory and the satisfaction of being part of Guinness World Records. I am extremely grateful for this great honour."