Opening coconuts can be a tricky business, but not for one man after he cracked into the record books by earning the title for Most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute.

With a long line of coconuts laid out on a wall in the city of Kottayam, India, Abheesh P. Dominic broke open 122 to beat the previous record of 118 that had stood since 2011.

Going at a speed of two a second, Abheesh completed his mission to the sound of cheering from friends and an excited crowd.

"I decided to break this record because I am from a remote village and Guinness World Records is only a dream for any one of us," he said.

"I am a man of strong determination and I strongly believe in the willpower of human beings."

The 60-second attempt began the moment Abheesh struck the first coconut.

His success ends the dominance of the title by German Muhamed Kahrimanovic.

Between 2005 and 2011 he broke the record five times, pushing the number up from 65 on his first successful attempt to 118 in 2011, a record which stood until Abheesh's success this year.

Using a fist isn't the only way to smash open a coconut though.

Most coconuts smashed with one hand in one minute

Fellow Indians Karamjit Singh and Kawaljit Singh hold the Guinness World Records title for the Most coconuts smashed around a person blindfolded in one minute, a task that involved a blindfolded Kawaljit using a hammer to smash the coconuts that were placed around Karamjit's body who was lying down.