John Fischer and his team at US company StickerGiant patiently created a 105.05 kg (231 lb 9.6 oz) ball out of around 200,000 stickers and labels, which has been verified as the world's Largest ball of stickers in Longmont, Colorado.

Weighing considerably more than the average adult male (64 kg/141 lbs), it’s so heavy that John has to use a forklift and wheeled wagon to move it around.

The record was attempted in honour of the first National Sticker Day in the USA.

Dubbed "Saul" after a character from Breaking Bad, the ball was an officially declared candidate in the 2016 presidential elections, under the motto “Stick together”.

Stick together: John Fischer and the largest ball of stickers

"Stickers are fun because they allow people to take any normal thing and make it theirs," – John Fischer.

It was always John’s plan to break a world record with “Saul the sticker giant” and his employees are as dedicated to growing it as he is.

Making the world's largest ball of stickers

"When we got the news that we had achieved the Guinness World Records title, we had a big celebration," said John.

Largest ball of stickers certificate

Saul appears in the Guinness World Records 2018 book alongside thousands of other incredible creations and record-breaking achievements.

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