On Friday 27 October Guinness World Records is opening a two-day, furry pop-up milkshake bar in London.

Called the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium, the bar will welcome lucky members of the public who have managed secured free tickets to pet some of the UK's fluffiest dogs and cats in a room covered from floor to ceiling in long, soft and colourful faux fur.

Friday will see the Soho venue filled with purring cats – including the Caplice Family of Maine Coons.


These furry felines love visiting new places, making friends and getting cuddles.

They’ve taken part in professional pet shows in the past, so we’re expecting to see some great selfies of our guests with them, crawling through the human-sized cat flap or taking a cat nap in the giant pet bed.

Inside the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium

Henry, Jimmy (pictured at the top of the page), Summer and Winter are three members of the Maine Coon family that will be at the Fluffytorium on Friday.

On Saturday 28 October, our Instagram-able set will be visited by some excruciatingly cute dogs. Guests can expect to meet the likes of Chow Chows, poodles and Pomeranians.

Dog or teddy bear? Henry is a fun-loving, relaxed pooch that enjoys learning new tricks to impress humans.

His repertoire of talents include waving, spinning, rolling over and retrieving objects. The pup even has basic gun dog training!

This beautiful Pomeranian is called Bella. Her owners say: “She’ll do anything for a treat and loves sitting, giving paw and just genuinely looking cute.”

Bella the Pomeranian

Milan is a poodle who loves getting her hair done. Her pink bow will likely be the envy of all the children at the Fluffytorium!

These are just a few of the furry friends that will be at the Amazing Animals Fluffytorium this weekend. Use the hashtag #GWRAnimals to keep up with the weekend’s events on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The fur-filled experience has been created to celebrate the release of a brand-new title from Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals – a book entirely dedicated to the fastest, tallest, strongest, strangest and most talented animals in the world.

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