Guinness World Records is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with National Schools Partnership (NSP), which is bringing the excitement and intrigue of record-breaking to students across the UK.

Teachers can educate and entertain their classes with our free ‘Hybrid Heroes’ resources, which are packed full of interesting facts from the Guinness World Records books.

The lesson plan has strong links to the science curriculum for pupils aged 7 to 11, teaching kids the ways in which animals adapt to their environment both physically and behaviourally, while also developing their scientific vocabulary.

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In addition to these activities, we’re challenging children to create their own hybrid hero – a new record-breaking superhero that combines human excellence with amazing animal features.

The winning pupil will receive an exclusive hands-on workshop at their school with Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief, Craig Glenday.

Craig Glenday GWR 2018

Each member of the winning pupil’s class will participate in an interactive quiz, learn how records are broken and adjudicated, get the chance to practise some record-breaking challenges themselves and receive a copy of Guinness World Records 2018.

Nine runners-up will get a Guinness World Records goody bag, featuring a stationery set, notebook, headphones and a hoodie.

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Basketball Bunny comp prizes

Mr Paul Neaves from Jessie Younghusband Primary School commented: “The children are always inspired when we refer to Guinness World Records – and currently we are looking at getting our pupils to aspire to be the best they can be!”

Other comments from teachers who have downloaded the resources include “This is an exciting opportunity to get the children to think creatively” and “This fits in exactly with our science work we will be studying in year six.”

Check out our new Amazing Animals book to get some inspiration or play our Chimera Creator online game.

Competition deadline: 15 November 2017

Please note: Although anyone can download and use the teaching resources, the competition is open to UK based educators only.