The colour and splendor of 126,000 flowers made for a beautiful new record in Morelos, Mexico last month.
Arranged in the gardens of Jardines de Mexico, the incredible display set a new world record for Largest carpet of flowers/plants and measured 14,200 square meters. 
The record-breaking flower carpet included 126,000 Poinsettias of more than 11 varieties. 
Largest carpet of flowers3
In order to create this magnificent work of art, a year of planning was necessary, starting with the planting of the flowers, the image design, and ending with the carpet layout. 
The flowers were strategically placed to give the beautiful view of a giant Poinsettia with stunning contrasts of colour between green, red, salmon and white.
Largest carpet of flowers 1
The impressive carpet of flowers was created with the objective of promoting the Mexican roots of the Poinsettias as well as to promote its commercialization worldwide. 
Watch a time lapse video of showing the creation of this colourful wonder.
The record attempt was part of an annual event is organized by Jardines de México every winter since 2014.
Largest carpet of flowers2
Carlos Rojas, Guinness World Records adjudicator, was on site at the event and mentioned that with this achievement the role of the Poinsettias as a traditional Mexican flower is cemented. In the native Nahuatl tongue the name of the flower means "flower of leather petals."
Largest carpet of flowers4
The record was previously set in Ukraine, with a carpet measuring 13,075.1 meters.