Eleven-year-old Capri Everitt from Canada travelled around the world on a mission to raise money for charity and achieve a new Guinness World Records title.
On 19 November 2015, Capri and her family started her incredible journey in Ottawa, Canada, by singing her home country’s national anthem.
From there she went on to achieve the Most national anthems sung in their host countries in one year with an astounding record of 76.
The talented school girl – who has been singing and playing the piano since she was just five years old – sung her final anthem in the USA in front of a huge crowd of spectators at a Washington Nationals baseball game.
The countries she visited in between included England, Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Germany, Italy, India, South Africa, Philippines and Australia.
In order to achieve this challenging new record, Capri was required to sing the national anthem of each country in full and in its respective language.
Capri Everitt 
To help her learn each song she sought help from locals, visited embassies and watched videos on YouTube.
So how did this epic attempt begin? Capri said her journey started after reading a book from her aunt - 'The World Needs Your Kid' by Craig Kielburger. "We read the book and it was about kids who didn't have any parents and I just decided that I wanted to do something to help those kids. These days to get noticed and raise money for your cause you have to do something completely crazy, something that nobody's ever done before."
Capri travelled with her parents Kerrie and Tom and her brother Bowen, who wrote a blog documenting the entire journey.
Capri and the Everitt family at the GWR London HQ 
Aside from achieving a Guinness World Records title, the reason Capri set off on this inspiring adventure was to raise money for SOS Children’s Villages.
In many of the countries she visited Capri sang the national anthem with children in their villages. “We had some pretty amazing experiences meeting the children,” Capri told us during her recent visit to the Guinness World Records headquarters in London.
Capri was thrilled to have set a world record: "For Christmas we always get Guinness World Records books and our grandparents have some from when they were kids. It's very exciting!" 
A naturally talented singer since the age of four, in terms of vocal inspiration, Capri cites Taylor Swift and Broadway star Idina Menzel as influences.
Proud mum Kerrie added: "When we first came up with this idea we had a lot of people tell us 'There's no way you can do that!' ... well, we did it. You can do anything you put your mind to." 
See how many national anthems you know by taking our quiz, hosted by Capri: