An elaborate design created from Play-Doh containers which lined the pavement of Republic Square in Mexico City last week, has set a new Guinness World Records title for Largest plastic tub mosaic.
Play-Doh Mexico seemingly incorporated every single colour of their hugely popular modelling toy to create the stunning pattern, which was inspired by indigenous Huichol art.
Largest tub mosaic 4
The street art was designed to celebrate the company’s 60th anniversary, an event which saw toy maker's Hasbro organise international activities all over the world to mark the occasion,  however this was arguably the most vibrant. 
Using the coloured tops of the containers to execute the mural, 26,896 tubs were carefully placed by just 20 people to create the record-breaking art work.
Largest tub mosaic 2
The idea for the record was authentic Mexico’s Huichol culture, with the patterns crafted in the attempt dating back centuries to the country’s indigenous tribes, bringing a beloved tradition to the present.
While not only succeeding the record title, Play-Doh Mexico simultaneously honored local culture using their product imaginatively.
Largest tub mosaic 3
Astoundingly, the huge mosaic took just 12 hours to assemble. 
The record, which needed to meet the minimum requirements of 100 square meters, went above and beyond its target in more ways than one - as official adjudicator Carlos Martinez declared the mosaic officially measured a sizeable 121 square meters. 
Largest tub mosaic 5
The design was modelled on the layout plan below, but proved to be even more spectacular in person. 
Largest tub mosaic 7
Although the grand exhibition in Republic Square was only displayed for 48 hours, the containers used to construct the art piece were then donated to the Association United Way Mexico, which will be used to as an alternative method of educating children with special needs. 
"At Hasbro we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Play-Doh,” Hasbro director of Mexico, Carlos Callejo told press following the attempt, “what better way to do that in this way, getting a new Guinness World Records for the City of Mexico with a mosaic that honours our Mexican culture and its cultural richness.” 
Largest tub mosaic 6