"OMGitsfirefoxx”, aka Sonja Reid, has come a long way since her earliest gaming days playing Wolfenstein 3D on MS-DOS as she has become the Most followed female videogames broadcaster on Twitch, boasting a staggering 766,397 followers as of 23 August 2016.
This puts the Canadian gamer ahead of fellow female games broadcaster “KittyPlays”, who was on 753,973 followers as of the same date, and her following just keeps on growing.
We recently caught up with Sonja for a Fallout-themed photoshoot for the new Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition book, in which she stars.
Firefoxx’s favourite games to stream include Minecraft, Counter-Strike and Fallout 4.
When Bethesda Softworks released Fallout 4 late last year, “OMGitsfirefoxx” celebrated by playing the game for 19 hours, just five hours short of a full day.
Gaming is now a full-time job for "OMGitsfirefoxx”, who plays on a PC with three screens.
Most popular female on Twitch
Speaking about her record, Sonja said: “It really makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something in creating this amazing community that I have on Twitch.”
“I never thought that I would have any sort of Guinness World Records title at all, I’ve just sort of amassed this amazing group and community of my Foxx family,” she explained.
Sonja Reid
Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition editor Stephen Daultrey commented: “Sonja isn’t just the most followed female broadcaster on Twitch, she’s also one of the most followed channels overall. She more than holds her own amongst the guys, eSports stars and games companies that often dominate the platform. Her Fallout-themed shoot was great fun to work on."
The Most followed Twitch channel is “Syndicate”, aka Tom Cassell (UK), with 2,457,382 followers as of 8 Sep 2016. In 2014, he became the First to reach 1 million followers on Twitch.
For more incredible video gaming achievements, check out a copy of the brand new Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition book, which is in stores now.