September usually marks a huge date in the calendar for both gamers and soccer fans alike: it’s when a new FIFA videogame is released to the world.
Since its debut in 1993, EA’s soccer series has become the best-selling sports videogame series with more than 150 million games sold worldwide according to VGChartz. 
The games have been massively popular when it comes to in-game record-breaking, too. 
The popular rapper/comedian KSI – currently the most subscribed FIFA YouTuber – once held the Guinness World Record title for the highest margin of victory against the computer on FIFA 13 when he hit 190 goals. 
To celebrate the launch of FIFA 17, which is out today, we’ve opened up a host of new Guinness World Record categories for gamers to attempt, typically in a standard 10-minute match unless otherwise specified. 
And applying for them couldn’t be any simpler…
Click through our site at the links below and simply follow the instructions to apply. If you successfully break a record, you might even feature in next year’s Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition annual. 
Good luck!
Attempt to thrash the computer with the most substantial score-line possible. This can be attempted with any team, on any difficulty, and on the maximum time limit. In the past, we’ve seen Germany’s Patrick Hadler beat the computer in FIFA 13 with a victory margin of 307 goals!
Try to score the most goals against the computer on the game’s highest difficulty in a standard 10-minute match. Applicants must choose the same team for the AI as they choose for themselves (eg Real Madrid versus Real Madrid), but they are free to tailor tactics, formations etc. for their own team accordingly. In fact, we’d suggest that pre-planning is essential.
Again, this is set on the game’s highest difficulty against the computer. Players must select identical teams for both themselves and the AI. However, they are free to change any of the options in team management for their team only.
A real test of skill as players attempt to recreate a Pele special. This can be attempted with any teams, on any difficulty, against the computer, in a 10-minute match.
This can be attempted with any teams, on any difficulty, against the computer.
Got a mate who’s also a bit handy with FIFA? Try this co-op challenge, which can be attempted on any difficulty, with any teams, against the computer.
And remember: if you want to read more about FIFA record-holders, or any other videogame for that matter, don’t forget that the Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer’s Edition annual is on sale now.