Vivacious record holder Marawa the Amazing performed a dazzling attempt on Italy's 'Lo Show Dei Record' for Longest duration on high heeled roller skates while spinning three hula hoops.
As she took the stage to complete the record, beaming spotlights caught the sparkly high heels of her skates, which added edge to her lively performance.

With focus, balance, and a dashing smile, the Marawa lived up to her 5 former record titles and achieved this new record at 2 minutes and 29 seconds.
Long-time entertainer Marawa Ibrahim has quite a number of hooping skills up her sleeve. As a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts Australia, leader of the Majorettes Hoola Hoop Troupe, and record holder of Most hula hoops spun simultaneously- the Australian native can spin up to 200 rings at once.


Marawa also recently appeared live on our Facebook channel, attempting the fastest 100 meters whilst spinning a hula hoop in an exciting event from New York's Central Park.
She’s even opened up a pop-up shop in England - The Hoopermarket - where customers can purchase hula hoops, hoop bags, and athletic wear. With this new record under her belt, Marawa has successfully proven herself as hula hoop extraordinaire and being Officially Amazing.