The endlessly popular record for the Longest usable golf club continues to grow each year and Guinness World Records recently caught up with record breaker Michael Furrh (USA) to talk to him about his most recent 6.87 m (22 ft 6.75 in) creation.
Longest usable golf club swing
With a club longer than a giraffe is tall, Michael beat his own record, hitting a golf ball 79.5 m (87 yards) with his driver at a demonstration at the Rolling Hills Country Club in Arlington, Texas.
The golf and teaching professional regularly uses his super-long clubs in his golf shows and he has raised more than $54,000 for charity.
However, since filming with Michael earlier this year, multiple record-breaker Ashrita Furman has beaten the record. On 9 April he demonstrated his 7.65 m (25.09 feet) golf club in Jamaica, New York, USA and successfully usurped the title. The head of the golf club was taken from a Callaway Big Bertha ERC II driver and the shaft was made from a combination of graphite and carbon fibre tubing.
Longest usable golf club Ashrita Furman
Nevertheless, Michael told Guinness World Records: "You'll just have to stay tuned and find out what's up my sleeve for next year." Watch this space.