Containing 700 litres of rum and 300 litres of lemon juice, 4-Jack’s Bar and Bistro (a nightlife establishment in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic) created the Largest glass of mojito.
The owner of the bar franchise, Joel Villalona, organized the event to thank his clientele in Punta Cana. The final result was a giant cocktail measuring 3,519 liters served in a glass measuring 2.6 meters in height and made of stainless steel.
Largest glass of mojito bar
Forty participants took part in the attempt and they worked for an hour and 35 minutes creating the mojito drink.
The drink was tasted by hundreds of customers, after its approval by Evelyn Carrera, Guinness World Records oficial adjudicator who was in attendance to verify the accuracy of the record.
Largest glass of mojito certificate presentation
With this attempt, the country takes away the title from the tourist associaton from Huesca, Spain, which created a mojito measuring 3,404 liters in 2015.
The Dominican Republic has been host to record-breaking feats in the past. Some examples of astonishing dominican records are the Largest number of people playing dominoes, which took place in the country’s capital of Santo Domingo, with a total of 3,344 participants in 2012 and the oldest president ever, Joaquin Balaguer, who left office at 89 years old.