German engineer Dirk Brunner (pictured below) has flown into the record books for achieving the Fastest 100 m ascent by a quadcopter after his custom-made drone reached a staggering 328 ft in just 3.871 seconds.
Designed and built by Dirk himself, the quadcopter is a rotor craft that has four separate rotors providing lift and directional thrust.
Fastest 100 m ascent by a quadcopter - Dirk Brunner 
The UAV’s record-breaking ascent was accurately measured by an on-board logging barometric altimeter - an instrument used to assess a particular object's altitude - during the official Guinness World Records title attempt at Pasing Model Airfield in Munich, Bayern, Germany.
Explaining why he applied for the title, Dirk told Guinness World Records that he wanted to “explore technical limits”.
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