Charitable organization Fundacion Teleton embraced record breaking in a big way last month with a successful attempt for the Longest hug relay title. 
Aiming to spread awareness and exposure for their noble cause, they were able to get 1,290 people to embrace at Teleton headquarters to achieve the record in Mexico City, Mexico. 
Longest hug relay
After a failed bid to break the previous record of 1,250 earlier in the day at a different location, Teleton’s team set about a second attempt at their HQ. 
Longest hug relay 2
Fundacion Teleton’s record for Longest hug relay is quite a fitting record for the organisation’s mission with their aim to aid disabled children who live in Mexico as well as assisting families who have children with autism, cancer and other serious illnesses. 
Speaking after the attempt official Guinness World Records adjudicator Carlos Tapia Rojas, said: “All participants were united for the same cause, helping those in greatest need; People participated with great enthusiasm chanting the famous ‘Yes we can!’ slogan; while entire families, children and young adults joyfully hugged each other.” 
Longest hug relay 4