Beijing Redance League Technology Co. Ltd. organised a spectacular event across China that saw a staggering 50,085 people take part in the world's Largest line dance (multiple venues).
The main event was held in Beijing but the huge Guinness World Records attempt covered a total of 12 cities across the country.
Many of the enthusiastic and passionate participants came from local dance groups, but members of the general public also got involved.
Largest line dance panorama view
Each group of dancers began their choreographed routine at the same time and they all wore the same red outfit.
However, as the challenge took place all over China, some people performed their line dance routine in hot weather and some dancers experienced snow.
Largest line dance performing in snow
Judged by five official Guinness World Records adjudicators, the participants were thrilled find out they had set a new world record.
Beijing Redance League Technology Co. Ltd. bettered the previous record of 31,697 people achieved by Standard Investment (China) Co., Ltd. in six cities across China earlier this year.
Largest line dance certificate presentation