German engineer Albert Beer has continued to work on his Sub1 robot since achieving the record for the Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's Cube back in January.
The updated Sub1 Reloaded has a new Infineon processor chip and it appears to have deciphered the famously difficult puzzle in just 0.637 seconds – a time which would better its current record-breaking time of 0.887 seconds.
Within a fraction of a second of the robot’s camera senses being lifted, it finds the solution and the six mechanical arms unscramble the puzzle perfectly in around 21 moves.
The attempt was arranged by semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies. 
"We want to show that problems can be solved much more efficiently using microelectronics," explained spokesman Gregor Rodehueser to the BBC.
Guinness World Records currently awaiting crucial evidence for the attempt so that we can verify that all the rules were followed. Stay tuned to to find out if Sub1 Reloaded robot has set a new record.
You can watch Sub1’s current record-setting unscramble in the video below:

The Fastest time to solve a Rubik’s cube by a person is 4.904 seconds, which was achieved by teenager Lucas Etter in November last year.