Guinness World Records is saddened to confirm that Yasutaro Koide, the world’s oldest man living has passed away in a hospital in Nagoya, Japan at the incredible age of 112. 


A former tailor for a men’s clothes shop, Yasutaro was born on 13 March 1903 - the year that the Wright Brothers created the first ever successful airplane, and the year the debut Tour de France cycling race took place.


On hearing the news of this iconic record holder's death, VP Guinness World Records Japan Erika Ogawa said: ”I felt very honoured that I have had a chance to meet Mr. Yasutaro Koide last summer, surrounded by his warm family and relatives. The stories of his adolescent years encouraged all of us who were there. I would like to express my sorrow and condolences to him and his family.”


Erika visited the oldest man on 20 August 2015 to present him with a certificate of his record title and celebrate his amazing long life.

Yasutaro Koide slider
At this time, Yasutaro was doing very well for his age, living at home and regularly attending a day care centre. Impressively, he was still able to walk when at home, but otherwise he used a wheelchair. He used his own teeth rather than dentures to eat and could read the newspaper without glasses.
"The best thing is to not overdo," Yasutaro told the Associated Press at the time of the presentation.
His granddaughter, Aya Kikuchi, told local newspaper Chunichi Shimbun that her grandfather used to be very strict about manners: "He was very stubborn, but he got nicer with age," she said. "His lifestyle is one that avoids stress."
Yasutaro Koide as a young man
Mr Koide was just four years behind the Oldest man ever, Jiroemon Kimura (also Japan), who lived until he was 116 years old and 54 days.
Guinness World Records is investigating potential successors for the Oldest living man record and will announce the new title holder once the verification process is complete.