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This week’s video is a little nutty - Mujtaba Hassan Mughal has just shattered the record for the Most walnuts smashed with a nunchaku in one minute.
The martial arts student from Pakistan cracked a stunning 97 walnuts in just 60 seconds using a nunchaku, or nunchucks – a potentially dangerous weapon which originated in Japan. As you can see in the video, not all of the nuts were counted as several did not shatter. But thanks to the speed of Mujtaba's attempt, he still achieved an impressive total.
Nunchuck pro Mujtaba exploded the previous record of 62 nuts that was achieved by Samuel Sprague (USA), proving that he is the ultimate walnut-smashing champion.
Most walnuts smashed with a nunchucks in one minute
Walnuts are no match for Ashrita Furman either (pictured below), as he holds the record for the Most walnuts crushed by the hand in one minute with 131, nor Muhammed Rashid from Pakistan, who destroyed 150 nuts to win the title for Most walnuts cracked against the head in one minute.
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