Every week we shine a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
This week we’re highlighting a recent attempt at the Longest marathon drumming by an individual - a popular record which has been broken 17 times since 2000.
Carlos Santos from Portugal recently attempted this musical test of endurance. The determined drummer sat at his kit and played for an amazing 133 hours and 3 minutes, achieving the record and completing the marathon on his son’s fourth birthday.
The challenge was no easy feat as Carlos was not permitted to play randomly, but had to accompany recognisable songs, with no more than 30 seconds between each track and limited rest breaks.
The previous record was held by Kunto Hartono (Indonesia), but Carlos astonishingly beat him by over 10 hours. Watch the video below.

Carlos celebrates his remarkable marathon achievement with his son

Another record-breaking drummer is Dr Mark Temperato, who describes himself as “an agent of rhythm” and created the world’s Largest drum set with 813 pieces.
Pictured below is Mark's set when he had 'just' 340 pieces:
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