Spiderman, Batman, The Flash, Big Hero 6, and Loki are just a few of the characters that turned up to take part in Friday’s successful attempt to break the record for the Largest gathering of people dressed as comic book characters at the Salt Lake Comic Con.

An incredible 1,784 participants showed up in fancy dress at the event in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Michael Empiric attended the event to count and greet Agent Carter, the Joker and the rest of the characters as they entered the attempt arena, and checked the costumes alongside independently sourced comic book experts.

All participants had to be dressed in costumes representing characters from comic books. Characters from other media such as films, television and video were permitted as long as they were featured in comic books before any subsequent appearances.

Unfortunately, this meant that some incorrectly dressed applicants were turned away.

In spite of this minor setback, the group smashed the previous record of 1,530 (which was achieved at the opening ceremony of the International Animation CCJOY LAND in China, 2011) by an amazing 254 people.

Co-founder Salt Lake Comic Con, Bryan Brandenburg said: "I am overjoyed and ecstatic. Attendance is one thing, but this is an official world record, and we just competed against and beat a country as big as China.”