Today marks National Hot Dog Day in the USA, a 24-hour celebration of arguably the country’s most iconic indulgence.
Culturally imported from Germany, the combination of a grilled sausage served in a sliced bun as a sandwich finished off with ketchup and mustard has gone on to become a staple snack from state to state.
Today’s event is set to be marked with all manner of hot dog themed events across the country, from eating competitions to wiener dog races.
Not to be left out, we’re celebrating the day with our top five weiner world records below.
Most expensive hot dog
The most expensive hot dog is $169 (£101.69; 122.96€) and was sold by Tokyo Dog (USA) in Seattle, Washington, USA, on 23 February 2014. The 'Juuni Ban' contains smoked cheese bratwurst, butter Teriyaki grilled onions, Maitake mushrooms, Wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffles, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise on a brioche bun.
Longest hot dog
The longest hot dog measured 203.80 m (668 ft 7.62 in) and was made by Novex S.A. (Paraguay) at the Expoferia 2011, in Mariano Roque Alonso, Paraguay, on 15 July 2011. The hot dog was then cut into 2,000 portions for guests to enjoy.
Largest hot dog commercially available
The largest hot dog commercially available weighs 3.18 kg (7 lb) and is available from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats (USA) for £24.60 ($40) as of 21 March 2011.
Most hot dogs made in one minute
The most hot dogs made in one minute is 9, achieved by Steve Guttenberg (United States) on the set of the New Paul O'Grady Show, London, United Kingdom, on 12 November 2008, in celebration of Guinness World Records Day 2008. The record was equalled by Andrew Flintoff (UK) at QVC Studios, London, United Kingdom, on 19 March 2012. The attempt was part of the BT Sport Relief Challenge: Flintoff's Record Breakers.
Longest line of hot dogs
The longest line of hot dogs measures 258.11 m (846 ft 9.84 in) and was created at an event organised by Yokota Base Side Street Shop Liaison Council (Japan) at Friendship Park, in Fussa, Tokyo, Japan, on 23 March 2014.
Largest hot dog eating contest
The largest hot dog eating contest was achieved by 3,189 participants during an event organised by Oscar Mayer (Spain) in Puente de las Flores, Valencia, Spain, on 12 March 2011.