Veteren green fingered record breaker Hans-Peter Schiffer has once again surpassed his legendary sunflower growing skills with a massive 9.17 metre (30 feet 1 inch) plant  
The proud gardener from the town of Karst in Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany has held the record continuously three times previously - in 2009 (8.03 metres), 2012 (8.23 metres) and 2013 (8.75 metres).
Mr Schiffer contacted Guinness World Records last year to inform the records management team to his surprise and delight, his enormous flowers were growing taller than ever. 
"Some sunflowers are already so unbelievable tall, that it could be very possible to get even a taller one," he explained. "I am already very happy."
But growing such extraordinary Helianthus Annuus plants wasn't always easy. There were clouds on the horizon for this record achievement when a thunderstorm and hailstones damaged the prize sunflowers.
tallest-sunflower-top-closeup Guinness World Records
"It was a very sad day for me," said Hans-Peter, "because the hail destroyed nearly all the leaves. But nevertheless, my sunflowers continued growing."
Tallest sunflower Germany - fire brigade measurement
The extensive tending and watering in the garden of his home appears to have paid off dividends. And even the local fire brigade to help with the process of measuring the tallest sunflower, supported by a large multi-level scaffolding platform.
Watch the video below.