Taking on New York City's sprawling public transport system, law student Matthew Ahn has broken the record for Fastest time to travel to all New York City Subway stations. 

Transferring between subway lines throughout the city’s five boroughs and running between platforms to make the next train, Matthew successfully travelled to all of the Big Apple's subway stations in an incredible 21 hr 49 min 35 sec on January 16, 2015.
MatthewAhm-fastest-NY-subways-guinness world records
With a reputation amongst friends for being obsessed with public transportation, specifically the NYC Subway, Matthew has been eyeing the Guinness World Records title since 2014. Brought to his attention by a friend while studying for the Bar Exam, the former law student’s achievement on January 16th marked his fourth attempt at the record.
Lack of sleep and a few train hiccups aside, Matthew celebrated the completion of his record-breaking journey by "eating an incredible amount of food at a diner, and then heading home."
The previous record for Fastest time to travel to all New York City Subway stations was achieved by Andi James, Steve Wilson, Peter Smyth, Martin Hazel, Glen Bryant and Adham Fisher (all UK) in 22 hr 26 min 02 sec between November 18 to 19, 2013.