Vijay Kumar from India has 37 teeth in his mouth – five more than the average person and, crucially, more than anyone else in the world.
Vijay says that he applied for the Guinness World Records title for Most teeth in the mouth after discovering Chassidar Danabalan’s (India) previous record of 36 teeth and was certain he would beat it. 
Vijay explains that there are some disadvantages to having so many teeth, one being that he often bites his tongue.
In spite of this, Vijay is proud of getting his teeth into a Guinness World Records title and the recognition that it gives him – his friends introduce him to new people as “the guy with the most teeth”.
Check out this video to see his numerous teeth for yourself, and find out what challenges our photographer faced during Vijay's photoshoot for the Guinness World Records 2016 book.
Vijay’s unique record appears alongside loads of amazing human body facts and feats in Guinness World Records 2016: out now.
2016 Guinness World Records Books